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Two intersecting conducting planes electric field

electric field between planes, electric field FEA analysis

Two conducting planes intersect at an angle β = 270°. The planes are assumed to be held at potential V. Find the electric field distribution near the corner.

Problem Type:
Plane-parallel problem of electrostatics.

RG 220 coaxial cable insulation Determine the electric field stress distribution in the cable insulation β=270° Air Conductor, V+

Relative permittivity of air ε = 1;
Voltage V = 100 V.

Open space problem is converted to the closed region problem using the "zero potential" boundary far away from the studying object.

intersecting planes electric field

Electric field strength distribution along the plane is shown in the table.

r, m

Electric field strength, V/m

QuickField Reference *
(2π/r 1/3)
0.1 13.46 13.54
0.2 10.69 10.74
0.5 7.89 7.92
1 6.3 6.28
1.5 5.52 5.49
2 5.03 4.99
3 4.43 4.36

electric field strength along plane

* Reference: J.D.Jackson, Classical Electrodynamics, 3rd edition, Sect. 2.11.

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