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Spark plug electric field

Problem Type: electrostatics.

Geometry: 3D import.

Spark plug electric model

Relative permittivity of air ε0 = 1,
Relative permittivity of insulator εr = 5,
High DC voltage V = 15 kV.

Calculate the electric field stress distribution in the spark plug air gap.

We simulate only the area around the spark gap. The other parts of the spark plug are excluded.
To overcome 3D import limitations (only single body topology is allowed) we added small air gap within the internal part of the high voltage electrode, which does not affect the physics but converts the topology to a single-body one.


Electric field distribution in the spark gap:

spark gap electric stress

  • Video:
    00:00 Introduction
    00:55 Transfer CAD model to QuickField through STEP file export/import.
    02:40 Adding background region to the model. Selecting objects
    03:25 Body labels' assigning. Hide/made transparent the body.
    05:45 Selecting with rubber band.
    06:20 Edit body labels physical properties
    07:15 Boundary conditions on faces.
    09:10 Model meshing, manual spacing adjustment. Problem solving
    10:50 Result analysis. Colored surface. Cut by plane.
    12:30 Result analysis. 2D Section window local values, integrals. XY-plot along the custom contour. Local values, integrals.
    13:50 Result analysis. Local values, integrals.
    14:40 Result analysis. Change presentation types: slice plot, vectors, isosurface plot.
    15:30 Result analysis. Hide bodies, local and integral values, XY-plots.
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