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Suspension insulator

Disc insulators are connected in chain of two. The insulators are suspended from the grounded tower arm and carry HV power line.

Problem Type: electrostatics.

Geometry: 3D import.

insulators chain electric model

Relative permittivity of the insulator (glass) εr = 5,
Transmission line potential V = 10 kV (RMS, line voltage).
Ground voltage = 0 V.

Calculate the electric field stress distribution on insulators surface.

Line voltage is measured between the phase conductors. The phase voltage (between phase conductor and ground) is √3 times smaller than the line voltage.
We should specify the peak voltage value (*√2).

Electric field stress distribution along the suspension insulators' surface.

suspension insulator electric stress

  • Video:
    00:00 Introduction
    00:50 Transfer CAD model to QuickField through STEP file export/import.
    02:40 Adding background region to the model. Selecting objects
    03:40 Body labels' assigning. Hide/made transparent the body.
    06:10 Selecting with rubber band.
    07:05 Edit body labels physical properties
    08:05 Boundary conditions on faces.
    10:55 Model meshing and problem solving
    11:25 Result analysis. Colored surface. Cut by plane.
    12:55 Result analysis. 2D Section window local values, integrals. XY-plot along the custom contour. Local values, integrals.
    15:40 Result analysis. Local values, integrals.
    16:05 Result analysis. Change presentation types: slice plot, vectors, scatter plot. XY-plots.
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