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Pulse transformer

pulse transformer FEA simulation, finite element analysis of the pulse transformer, square pulse applied to the primary winding

This is an example of the pulse transformer simulation, performed with QuickField software.

Problem Type:
Plane-parallel problem of transient magnetics.


model of the pulse transformer

pulse transformer equivalent electric scheme

Magnetic permeability of the steel core μ = 500;
Conductivity of the steel core g = 0 S/m (steel core is laminated);
Magnetic permeability of the windings μ = 1;
Conductivity of the windings (copper) g = 56,000,000 S/m;
Number of turns of the primary winding w1 = 20;
Number of turns of the secondary winding w2 = 40;
Number of turns of the third winding w3 = 20;
Pulse voltage U1 = 0.5 V;
Impulse time t = 0.1 s.

Square voltage impulse applied to the pulse transformer. Calculate the currents in the secondary winding.

Due to model symmetry we leave the upper half of the transformer only. Therefore we should reduce the circuit elements' values by two.

Current vs. time dependency in the windings:

pulse transformer currents

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