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Nonlinear capacitor

This is an example of the nonlinear electrical simulation, performed with QuickField software.

Problem Type:
Axisymmetric problem of transient electric.

Nonlinear capacitor Capacitor consists of 15 metal plates isolated by nonlinear dielectric material V0 GND 0.6 mm Ø24 mm 1 3  5  7  9  11  13  15 2 4  6  8  10  12  14

Nonlinear capacitor consists of 15 metal plates isolated by nonlinear dielectric material.

Voltage V0 = 0.. 240 V.
Relative permittivity ε of dielectric material - nonlinear.

Calculate C(V) curve.

To calculate C(V) curve we should make a set of experiments: change the voltage and measure the emergy W. The capacitance is C = 2*W / V².
To automate the task lets apply the time-dependent voltage V(t) = Vmax*t, where t - is time. Thus we replace the series of problems with one time-dependent problem. After the problem is solved QuickField can calculate Energy(t) automatically.

Calculated nonlinear capacitor characteristics C(V).
At nominal voltage (240 V) capacitance is C = 1.05 uF.
Maximal capacitance (at 72 V) is C = 1.64 uF.

nonlinear capacitor curve characteristics

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    QuickField 6.4