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Coil with triangle wave current

This is an example of the multi-stage transient magnetic analysis simulation, performed with QuickField software.

Problem Type:
Axisymmetric problem of transient magnetics coupled to transient magnetics.

Coil switching current Cylindrical uniformly wound coil with external and internal radii 2cm and 4cm, and height 10cm. Coil winding Air 10 cm Ø 4 cm Ø 2 cm

Coil is uniformly wound by thin wire, with total ampere-turns following the triangle wave function shown on this diagram:

Simulate first 3 seconds of the transient process.

Simulation is performed by 3 separate transient magnetic analysis problems covering stages of the process one second each. They share the same geometry model, and are connected by Magnetic Field coupling mechanism. The magnetic field at the end of Stage 1 is coupled to Stage 2 as the initial magnetic field of Stage 2. Magnetic field at the end of the Stage 2 is coupled to Stage 3.

Flux density time plots at the origin of the coordinate system

  • Download simulation files (files may be viewed using any QuickField Edition).

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