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CAD programs*

The abbreviation CAD is usually expanded as a Computer Aided Design or a Computer Aided Drafting. CAD programs provide tools for drafting computer models of various objects, and often - their modification, analysis and optimization. This is a very wide area of automation tools, which help engineer and designers to develop new products or modify existent designs. CAD programs may be used for defining the geometry for further analysis with the Finite Element method (FEA). CAD drawings may be divided into 2D and 3D. 2D CAD drawings may be transferred to QuickField via DXF (see DXF drawing import), or using SolidWorks Sketch import. 3D CAD drawings may be imported by QuickField (version 6.1 or above) via STEP file.

Selection of CAD program is very large today, and contains many free (FreeCAD, OpenSCAD, Autodesk 123D) and commercial (SOLIDWORKS®, Solid Edge, Autodesk Inventor) codes.

This table includes some free and commercial CAD programs, which may generate a STEP file geometry for further QuickField Finite Element analysis, and video showcasing the QuickField model creation:


License type




Solid Edge