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Natural convection coefficient calculator

Heat transfer within solid bodies is usually attributed to the thermal conduction. However, when the body is surrounded by the gaseous or liquid media, additional heat transfer mechanisms are involved and heat transfer analysis requires the fluid dynamic analysis, which is highly complicated. In practical engineering, when the temperature distribution is required only within the solid body, media is excluded from the analysis and replaced by the convection boundary condition set on the body surfaces. This is much simpler, but requires finding out convection coefficients for each particular situation, depending on the surface type and orientation, media speed, temperature and other factors.

This calculator provides the natural convection coefficient. Calculation algorithms and formulas are based on Natural Convection Heat Transfer Coefficient Estimation Calculations

Surface type:

Plane area A= m²,
plane perimeter P= m
Plane height L= m
angle from vertical α=°
Diameter D= m

Surface temperature Tw = °C
Surrounding media temperature T = °C

Surrounding media:

Density ρ = kg/m³
Viscosity μ = N*s/m²
Specific heat C = J/kg*K
Thermal conductivity k = W/m*K
Thermal expansion coefficient β = 1/K

convection coefficient h = W/m²*K
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