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Parametric modeling with LabelMover

LabelMover is a powerful tool for simple parametric study of QuickField models. This utility is based on ActiveField and works in three modes: Serial, Tolerance and Optimization analysis.

  • Serial Analysis mode generates the series of QuickField problems with specified alterations of the model geometry or physical properties, solves these problems and presents results as a table or graph.

    LabelMover serial calculations

    Serial analysis of the Solenoid Actuator simulation example.
    Serial calculations with LabelMover.
    Serial calculations with LabelMover.
  • Tolerance Analysis is a study of the result parameters variation caused by the manufacturing inaccuracies and unstable material properties. After the base QuickField problem is formulated and solved, LabelMover automatically generates and solves the series of QuickField problems required for analyzing the results distribution caused by variations of the input parameters, and calculates related statistical characteristics.

    LabelMover tolerance calculations

    Tolerance Analysis of Solenoid Actuator simulation example.
    Tolerance analysis with LabelMover
    Tolerance analysis with LabelMover.
  • Optimization greatly simplifies design tasks of adjusting multiple model parameters to reach the specified goal. It is possible to set any value provided by QuickField postprocessor as a goal for "maximum", "minimum" or "closest to specified value". In addition to using internal optimization algorithms, LabelMover Optimization may work with external applications, implementing other optimization algorithms, or simply be used to control one step of QuickField problem modification, regardless of the goal. Both object and command string application programming interfaces are provided.
    Solenoid Actuator optimization simulation example.
    Optimization with LabelMover.
    Optimization with LabelMover.

LabelMover may be applied to any preliminary defined QuickField problem, and is compatible with both free QuickField Student Edition and QuickField Professional Edition.

LabelMover in the Virtual Classroom (Overview > Lessons).