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Teaching Electromagnetism with QuickField

teaching electromagnetics in Spanish

(in Spanish)

Teaching Electromagnetism with QuickField

QuickField gives an excellent support for teaching Electromagnetism. Many of academic examples that can be found in classical textbooks can be easily worked out with QuickField. During this free webinar Dr. Martin will show how this can be carried out.

Electrostatic and Magnetostatic models for obtaining uniform fields and their effect on cylindrical metallic, dielectric or magnetic bodies will be presented. Checking the main integral laws (Gauss, Ampere, mean value theorem for the potential, etc.) will also be included. The models to be presented will go from simple but important examples (like parallel plate capacitor, current carrying wire loop or solenoid) to more conceptually elaborated (but simple to design with QuickField) like showing the presence of surface charges, and their role, in current carrying conductors.

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