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DC magnetic

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The DC magnetic (magnetostatic) module may be used for analysis of problems, which require calculation of static magnetic fields caused by combination of local and/or distributed direct currents, permanent magnets and also external fields defined by boundary conditions. DC magnetics is similar to AC magnetics in the where the current frequency is low enough for the problem to be considered static. But unlike AC Magnetic, DC Magnetic module allows inclusion into the field model any number of non-linear magnetic materials and permanent magnets with known coercive force.
The DC magnetic module is used for design and analysis of devices such as solenoids, electric motors, magnetic shields, permanent magnets, disk drives, and so forth.

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Biot-Savart law

Attraction of the block magnet to the steel plate

Coil with ferromagnetic core

Cylindrical magnetic device

Electromagnetic clutch

Fridge magnet

Halbach array

Long solenoid inductance

Magnetic axial bearing

Magnetic lense

Maxwell coils

Mu-metal cylinder shield for the static magnetic field shielding

Parallel wires inductance

Attraction of the ring magnet to the steel plate

Flat spiral coil inductance

Superconductor levitation

Superconducting bowl shield with the optional layer of mu-metal

Magnetic field of the cylindrical coil

Mutual inductance of coils

Transformer 2D vs. 3D

Repelling of the ring-shaped magnets

Attraction of the ring-shaped magnets

Features of the DC magnetic module:

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    Inductance of a pair of concentric cylinders
    Coil's magnetic field
    Coils mutual inductance
    Non-linear permanent magnet
    Solenoid actuator
    C-shaped magnet
    Synchronous motor with high temperature superconductor

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