A new approach to field modelling
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Electric fields distribution in heterogeneous tissues under electroporation: numerical modeling using QuickField package

Electroporation: electic field in tissues modeling using QuickField

Pulsed electric fields increase of biological cell membrane permeability. This increase of permeability is currently explained by the temporary appearance of aqueous pores in the cell membrane- a phenomenon called electroporation. When the pores seal and the cell survives the process is called reversible electroporation; when the cell dies the process is called irreversible electroporation.
During the past four decades, multiple advances in the fundamental and experimental electroporation research led the appearance of several clinical applications of electroporation: electrochemotherapy, gene electrotherapy, tumor ablation and transdermal drug delivery.
Dr. Alexander Golberg will talk about the use of QuickFeild to model field distribution in the heterogeneous tissue- skin.

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