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Pulsed power applications simulation with QuickField

pulsed power

Pulsed power applications with QuickField

QuickField is actively used by many customers for pulsed power applications. During this webinar we will demonstrate how to use QuickField for the pulse power technology components simulation. Live presentations will include finite element models of capacitors, coils, transformers. We will consider electromagnetic effects, heat dissipation and forces caused by electromagnetic pulses.

  • Download simulation examples:
    Lightning arrester
    Flyback transformer
    Coil pulse heating
  • Watch recorded webinar parts:


    1. Disc capacitor

    2. Lightning arrester

    3. Multiturn coil

    4. Pulse transformer

    5. Coil heating

    6. Coil stress
  • Watch on YouTube.
  • Read presentation (in PDF format).

    Transformers simulation with QuickField. Part 2