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Building corner thermal insulation

External corners of the building walls are responsible for major heat losses, so it is important to take additional measures to insulate them.

Task type
Plane-parallel problem of heat transfer.

Build corner insulation

thermal conductivity of brickwork: 0.8 W/K-m
thermal conductivity of plaster: 0.93 W/K-m
air temperature outside: -20 °C, convection coefficient: 14 W/K-m2
air temperature inside: +20 °C, convection coefficient: 8.7 W/K-m2;

Plot temperature fields of various options for external corners thermal insulation.

Temperature distribution and dew point isotherm (10.7°C) for the initial wall corner structure (A) and for the different insulation design options:
B. Rounding the inner corner with plaster
C. Rounding the corner of a wall with bricks
D. Adding the brick layer to the outside corner surface

thermal field of the outer corner of the wall

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