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Heat Transfer

The Heat Transfer module is used to analyze the temperature distribution in static and transient heat transfer processes. The heat sources in the Heat Transfer module can be specified directly and/or imported from other QuickField problems (coupled problems) as Joule Losses.
The Heat Transfer module can be used to design and analyze many different electrical and mechanical systems.

Starting from version 6.2 steady-state heat transfer analysis is possible not only in 2D Plane-Parallel and 2D axisymmetrical formulations, but also as a 3D Extrusion and 3D Import.

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Features of the Heat Transfer module:

  • Steady-state or transient formulation with arbitrary initial field distribution, nonlinear specific heat and flexible time parameters
  • Nonlinear or anisotropic properties
  • Distributed and concentrated heat sources
  • Heat sources as a function of temperature
  • Heat sources generated by electric power losses
  • Boundary temperature and heat fluxes
  • Boundary conditions with convective/radiative terms
  • Results: various ways of thermal field mapping (temperature, heat flux, thermal gradients), total heat loss on any given part, and other integral quantities
  • Couplings: the resulting temperatures can be used for thermal stress analysis in both steady-state and transient cases. Transient heat transfer problem may be based on the results of other steady-state or transient problem.
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  • See examples of Heat Transfer problems:
    transient heating of a slot
    heat transfer in the capacity kiln
    inductively heated ceramics
    heat transfer in cylinder
    temperature distribution in the conducting sheet
    PCB heating
    Natural convection from the horizontal tube surface

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