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Magnetic forces between two axially magnetized cylinders. Case 1: Cylinders are coaxial.

Problem type:
Axisymmetrical problem of DC magnetics


two axially magnetized cylinders

dz = 2 cm.

Cylinder diameter D = 1 cm,
Cylinder height H = 4 cm,
Permanent magnet relative permeability μ = 1.05,
Permanent magnet coercive force Hc = 1 000 000 A/m.

Calculate the magnetic force between cylinders.

The resulting field may be decomposed into the individual fields generated by each cylinder. The free tool Cylinder PM force 3D allows the magnetic force calculation using the automatic summation of several axisymmetrical DC magnetic fields, simulated by QuickField.


Case 1. Coaxial cylinders




Cylinder PM force 3D tool

3e-16 N

3e-16 N

1.14 N

Reference (QuickField 2D axisymmetric)

0 N

0 N

1.27 N

Reference (ANSYS 3D)

-0.10 N

0.07 N

1.30 N

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