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Laminated core iron losses

Problem type:
Plane problem of AC magnetics.

Laminated core iron losses Calculate the core losses in the no-load mode of the single-phase transformer Core V1+ V1- V2- V2+ 20 mm 10 mm 10 mm 10 mm 50 mm 20 mm

Core I permeability μ1 - nonlinear*
Core E permeability μ2 - nonlinear*
Core material density ρ = 7650 kg/m3,
Frequency f = 400 Hz.
Winding1 no-load current 16.5 mA,
Winding1 number of turns 324.
Winding1 conductor cross-section 0.19 mm2
Winding1 average turn length 111 mm.

Calculate the core losses in the no-load mode of transformer.

In no load mode the secondary winding is in open circuit state. There is current only in the primary winding. The primary winding is modelled as multi-turn winding - the average current density is specified.

Core is laminated, zero conductivity is specified. Core losses are calculated using Bertotti equation:
pv = kh·f·Bm2 + kc·f2·Bm2 + ke·(f·Bm)3/2
Coefficients kh, kc, ke are calculated as a result of the curve fitting using free utility Core loss coefficients calculator.

Core E magnetic loss is 0.87 W.
Core I magnetic loss is 0.12 W.
Flux density distribution in the core:

laminated core magnetic loss

* Reference: Core loss and magnetization curves are provided by Arnold Magnetics.

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