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AC Magnetic

The AC magnetic analysis module can be used for various problems, requiring study of the magnetic fields caused by time-harmonic alternating source currents, and currents induced by time-harmonic magnetic fields (eddy currents), proximity effects, calculate impedances, Joule losses, electromagnetic forces.
As a specific type of Electromagnetic simulations, AC Magnetic (or Time-Harmonic Magnetic) analysis require all voltages and currents in the problem to vary with the same frequency, and all media have linear properties. Otherwise the formulation stop being time-harmonic, and such problems may require Transient Magnetic analysis. However, AC Magnetic module works much faster and often may be used as a first approximation approach of more complex electromagnetic problems.
The AC magnetic field simulation can be coupled with electric circuit.
AC Magnetic package is ideal for designing induction heating devices, transformers, solenoids, electric motors, and many other types of inductors.

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Features of the AC magnetic module: