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Transmission line attenuation constant

Problem Type:
A plane-parallel problems of AC magnetics and electrostatics.


microstrip transmission line model

The shielded transmission line is considered. The line consists of 2 copper strip-like conductors (block labels - Elec1 and Elec 2) that are rested on the polyethylene substrate (Diel). The whole structure, that includes partly an air, is protected by a screen (Shield) of the complicated geometry.

Attenuation constant of the shielded microstrip-like transmission line is obtained on the basis of the electrostatics and time-frequency analysis. Problem is solved by use of two QuickField models (transmission line electrostatics and transmission line ac magnetics).
See detailed description in Attenuation constant of the shielded microstrip-like transmission line (in PDF format).

Voltage distribution in transmission line:

microstrip transmission line simulation

Download PDF icon View simulation report in PDF.

Download Download simulation files: transmission line electrostatics, transmission line ac magnetics.