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Periodic Boundary Condition

This very simple example demonstrates the effect of applying periodic boundary condition, which forces the field potential to be the same on opposite sides of the model.

Problem Type:
Plane problem of DC magnetics.


Two regions, A and B, have the same shape, volume loading and are surrounded by Dirichlet boundary condition, which does not allow the field to penetrate outside. Region B is also subdivided into B1 and B2, and the periodic boundary condition is specified on two sides, which makes these regions the continuation of each other. As a result, field distribution in both A and B must be equivalent.

Periodic Boundary Condition in QuickField


Periodic Boundary Condition in QuickField

This example also demonstrates that the mesh on the periodic boundary is not necessarily the same - please notice that the mesh spacing settings in four corners of the model are all different!

There are 2 problems Perio1.pbm and Perio1odd.pbm in the archive. Perio1odd.pbm is almost the same, but for one difference: odd periodic condition is applied, which forces the field potential to be opposite on two sides of the region.

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