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Prepulse switch

Gamble water switch electrodes

Example by Dr. Raymond J. Allen, Plasma Physics Division, Naval Research Laboratory
Model was used in the preparation of this publication

Prepulse switch consists from two groups of electrodes (grounded and high-voltage) separated by a shielding disk, enclosed in the metal body.

Problem Type: electrostatics.

Geometry: 3D import.

Image courtesy of Plasma Physics Division, Naval Research Laboratory

Relative permittivity of water εr = 81,
Applied voltage V = 4 MV.

Calculate the electric field distribution in the device. Find the charge on electrodes.

Electrostatic field and charges distribution in the Pre-pulse Switch used in the improved Gamble generator design.

Electric field distribution in the water around the groups of electrodes:

  • Download simulation files (files may be viewed using any QuickField Edition).


  • Raymond Allen et al. Plasma Physics Division, Naval Research Laboratory. Use of new & improved QuickField 3D to aid design of Gamble II water switch hardware for implementation on Gamble III.

    New version QuickField 6.4