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Salient pole mechanical stress

Salient pole of turbine generator is subject to the centrifugal force loading.

Problem Type:
Plane-parallel problem of stress analysis.

Due to symmetry only one half of the pole is simulated.
yaverage = 0.12 m
Lz = 1 m,
S = 0.08 * Lz

salient pole centrifugal forces

Young's modulus of steel E = 207000 N/mm²
Density of steel ρ = 7800 kg/m³
Poisson's ratio ν = 0.3.
Rotational speed ω = 50*2π rad/sec.

Winding mass m = 600 kg;

Determine the mechanical stress distribution in the salient pole.

The internal centrifugal force acting on the steel pole can be calculated as:
Fr(r) = ρ*ω²*r [N/m³]

Winding adds a vertical force which is
Fy = mω²*yaverage [N].
Since we simulate only half of the pole the force value is divided by factor of 2.
We consider that Fy is uniformly distributed along the contact surface S.

Mechanical stress distribution in the pole is shown on the picture

stress distribution in the salient pole

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