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Stress analysis

The Stress analysis module allows calculation of the mechanical stresses, strains and deformations. The mechanical loads in the Stress Analysis module can be specified directly and/or imported from other QuickField problems as electromagnetic forces or heat loads. This type of analysis in QuickField is often performed as a final part of more complicated multi-field analysis of electromechanical devices.

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Features of the Stress Analysis module:

  • Plane stress, plane strain, axisymmetric stress problems
  • Anisotropic elastic properties
  • Distributed and concentrated loadings
  • Thermal stresses, magnetic and electric forces
  • Various support conditions
  • Results: displacements, stress components, principal stresses, Von Mises, Treska, Mohr-Coulomb and Drucker-Prager criteria
  • Video: Stress Analisys with QuickField

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  • See examples of Stress Analysis problems:
    Perforated plate under load
    Stress distribution in a long solenoid
    Thermal control

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