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Gas-insulated high-voltage conductor

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Connection of two shielded gas-insulated 100 kV lines.

Problem type:
3D-import electrostatics.

Gas-insulated high-voltage conductor Connection of two shielded gas-insulated 100 kV lines. SF6 R2 = 15.6 cm R1 = 12 cm r2 = 7.8 cm r1 = 5.6 cm HV GND

Electric permeability of SF6 gas ε = 1;
High voltage U = 100 * √2 kV (amplitude)

Determine the levels of electric field strength.

Geometric model is built in a third-party CAD and imported into QuickField.
There is no field inside the metal conductors, so only gas-insulated insulation is included in the model. On the surface of the conductor an electric potential is set.
For convenience the model is dissected along the plane of symmetry.


Electric field intensity distribution (SF6 gas electrical strength 89 kV/cm is not exceeded):
temperature distribution in PCB

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