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Perforated plate

A thin rectangular sheet with a central hole subject to tensile loading.

Problem type:
Plane problem of stress analysis.

Geometry of the plate:

Length: 240 mm;
Width: 180 mm;
Radius of central opening: 30 mm;
Thickness: 5 mm.

model of perforated plate

Due to mirror symmetry one quarter of the structure is presented, and internal boundaries are restrained in X and Y directions respectively.

Young's modulus E = 207000 N/mm2
Poisson's ratio ν = 0.3.

The uniform tensile loading (40 N/mm2) is applied to the bottom edge of the structure.

Determine the concentration factor due to presence of the central opening.

The concentration factor may be obtained from the loading stress (40 N/mm2) and the maximum computed stress (146 N/mm2) as k = 146 / 40 = 3.65.

stress distribution in the perforated plate

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