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Superconductor levitation

Problem Type:
Axisymmetric problem of magnetostatics.

Superconductor levitation Levitation effect of superconductors with different air gaps between the magnet and the superconductor Permanent magnet Superconductor δ

Coercive force Hc = 575 kA/m.
Magnetization curve to simulate superconductor

To avoid the influence of the boundaries while modelling the unbounded problem, we'll enclose the magnet in a rectangular region of air and specify zero Dirichlet boundary condition on its sides.
Magnetization of straight parts of the magnet is specified in terms of coercive force vector. Effective surface currents simulate magnetization in the middle curved part of the magnet.

In these five pieces model series is showed the levitation effect of superconductors with different air gap between magnet and the superconductor. QuickField provides the possibility to study the performance of superconductors.
This is the only software, which is capable to take the characteristic of superconductors. There are different applications of superconductors for example in magnetic bearing or fast-train levitation.

superconductor levitation simulation

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