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High temperature superconductor synchronous motor simulation

The synchronous motor with high temperature superconductor (HTS) material is under development. The experimental machine has permanent magnets on the rotor. The winding of the stator made of superconductor bars.

Problem type:
Plane parallel nonlinear magnetostatic.

Geometry of the HTS synchronous motor:

high temperature superconductor synchronous motor


The four poles excitation on the rotor developed by NdFeB magnets. The body of rotor made of aluminum. Around the stator is the magnetic shielding material (M19). The HTS bars placed on moveable plastic frames. These frames are adjustable by screw, which is connected to the wall of the stator. By adjusting screws the air gap is changeable. The stator bars connections formed two phase winding.

Results of synchronous motor simulation:

high temperature superconductor synchronous motor simulation

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