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Temperature response of a suddenly cooled wire

QuickField simulation example

Determine the temperature response of a copper wire of diameter d, originally at temperature T0, when suddenly immersed in air at temperature Tair. The convection coefficient between the wire and the air is α.

Problem Type
Plane problem of heat transfer.

Copper wire heat transfer model Temperature response of a suddenly cooled wire Copper ( C, ρ, λ ) Air Ød T0 Tair , α

d = 0.1 cm.

Copper initial temperature T0 = 150°C,
   thermal conductivity λ = 391 W/m·K,
   specific heat C = 383 J/kg·K,
   volume mass density ρ = 8930 kg/m³;
Air temperature Tair = 40°C,
   convection coefficient α = 10 W/K-m².

Determine the temperature in the wire.

A time step of 1 s is used to run numerical analysis.
Analytical solution*: (T - Tair) / (T0 - Tair) = exp(-0.0117·t)

Temperature in a wire:

DC wire thermal simulation

Temperature, °C

Time QuickField Reference*
30 s 117.5 117.4
60 s 94.6 94.5
120 s 67.1 67.0

* Reference: Frank Kreith, Raj M. Manglik, Mark S. Bohn Principles of Heat Transfer, Cengage Learning, Jun 10, 2010 - Technology & Engineering - 696 pages, Page 119, Example 2-10.

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