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Electric arc furnace transformer short circuit

Short circuit experiment refers to the standard test of transformers. In the short-circuit mode the secondary winding leads are short-connected and the voltage source is adjusted to provide the rated current in the primary winding.

Problem type:
Plane-parallel problem of AC Magnetics.

Core depth Lz = 292 mm.
Core Phase A Phase B Phase C А+ А- -a +a B+ B- -b +b C+ C- -c +c 292 mm 1424 mm 1226 mm

Initial data:
Rated voltage of the primary winding U = 6 kV;
Rated current of the primary winding I = 25 A;
Frequency f = 50 Hz;
Winding connection scheme Δ-Δ

Estimate the transformer short circuit voltage, axial forces in the windings, build the stray fluxes field picture.

The winding connection scheme is formed with the help of a connected electrical circuit.
Current source of rated magnitude is connected to the primary winding. Measured voltage drop on the source shows the short circuit voltage.

Short circuit voltage is 377 V, which is 377/6000 = 6% of the rated voltage value.

Stray fluxes field in the electric arc furnace transformer:

Stray fluxe field in windings

Axial force acting on the end coil of high-voltage winding is 18 N.

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