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Voice coil of a speaker

This is an example of the speaker magnetic system simulation performed with QuickField software.

Problem type:
The axisymmetric problem of DC magnetics.


voice coil motor geometry

All dimensions in millimeters.

The material of the magnet is ferrite with coercive force Hc = 500 kA/m;
Coil material - copper;
Core material - soft magnetic steel.

Calculate the magnetic flux density profile along in the air gap along the voice coil height.

We create an axisymmetrical QuickField DC Magnetic problem with specified geometry and data, and make a plot of flux density versus coordinate B(z) in the air gap.

Flux density color map of the speaker magnetic system:

Voice coil motor magnetic field

Magnetic flux density distribution in the air gap along the voice coil height:

voice coil motor magnetic flux density

Download icon Download simulation files (files may be viewed using any QuickField Edition).

QuickField 6.3 Service pack 2