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    Analysis type
    DC magnetics
    AC magnetics
    Transient magnetics
    DC conduction
    AC conduction
    Transient electric
    Steady-state Heat Transfer
    Transient Heat Transfer
    Stress Analysis
    Electric circuit

    Model class
    3D Extrusion
    3D Import

    electrical engineering
    mechanical engineering
    bio engineering
    thermal engineering

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    Flyback transformer EMC
    QuickField Support team

    Flyback transformer EMC

    Model class: Axisymmetric
    Analysis type: Transient magnetics
    Application: electrical engineering

    Calculate the magnetic field distribution around flyback transformer during operation cycle.

    Tags: magnetic field of flyback transformer,transient electromagnetic analysis

    Signal cable
    QuickField Support team

    Signal cable

    Model class: Plane-parallel
    Analysis type: Electrostatics
    Application: electrical engineering

    Power and signal cable are buried in a common duct. Calculate the electric field distribution and find the mutual capacitance.

    Tags: signal cable capacitance,power cable emc,electro-magnetic compatibility

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