A new approach to field modelling
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3D import*

STEP files, imported to QuickField from major CAD packages, should include one body and multiple shells.
Following 3D topologies are allowed:


Typical look of imported part

With the background region* in QuickField

1. Single solid body
(union/subtraction of simple shapes)
Download Examples:
Dielectric ellipsoid in the uniform electric field

This is a single body constructed as a result of substraction of spherical segment form a cube.

2. Single solid body
with internal cavities/inclusions not touching each other
Download Examples:
Conducting sphere inside capacitor

A cube has inclusion (other body) of a cone shape (marked green).

3. Multiple solid bodies with different permittivities not touching each other.
(may be converted to the case 2 by subtracting from the surrounding media).
Download Examples:
Mushroom electrodes

Cylinder and cone objects not touching each other.

4. Multiple solid bodies of the same permittivity which are touching each other
(may be converted to the case 1 by performing the union of bodies).

Cylinder and cone objects in contact.

* Background region - rectangular box enclosing the whole model at the predefined distance from it.

These topologies are currently not allowed:


Typical look

Suggested workaround

Single solid body with several inclusions which are touching each other

The grey cube includes the gray cylinder and green cone that are in direct contact with each other.

The universal workaround is adding the small gap between the touching objects. This would convert problem to one of the cases from the table above.

Download Examples:
Spark plug electric field

Multiple solid bodies of the same permittivity are touching each other with boundary conditions set in between.

Cylinder and cube are touching each other. There is a boundary condition to be set at the contact surface (marked green).

Multiple solid bodies made of materials with different permittivity are touching each other.

The grey cube touches the green cylinder made of different material.