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Magnetic material models*

There are several ways to describe nonlinear magnetic material properties. In QuickField the non-linear materials are represented by normal magnetization curve B(H). The implemented model does not allow specifying the hysteresis curve. Supported analyses types: DC, AC and Transient magnetics.

linear magnetic material model

You can specify the magnetization (coercive force) to simulate the permanent magnets. The curve will be shifted to the left by the value of coercive force. Thus at zero outer field strength you will have some field intensity value.

nonlinear magnetic material model

There are some restrictions applied to magnetization curve.

  1. The dependence should be unique. For each arbitrary H value the specific B value should correspond. And vise versa.
  2. The saturated material permeability should be greater then 1.

incorrect magnetic curvematerial magnetic curve slope

It is essential to meet these requirements. In other case the model may produce incorrect results, or the calculations could not be performed at all.