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QuickField vs. competition FEA

QuickField is an elegant and intuitive alternative to expensive and complicated FEA packages. It is widely used in science, industry and academia. Impressive list of customers proves it, and with the free Students' version you may get your personal impression within few minutes. Variety of instructional videos and a Virtual Classroom will help you in this. If you have experience in using ANSYS or COMSOL - you will be surprised how different and simple may be finite element analysis software.

For experts, who need more than just basic FEA simulation QuickField provides plenty of opportunities. Built-in parametric analysis tool LabelMover shows the simple way of performing serial calculations, optimization or even tolerance analysis.

Unique feature of QuickField is its Application Programming Interface (API) ActiveField, which allows expanding QuickField functionality with external programs and establishing links to MATLAB, Simulink or other simulation environments.

QuickField 6.4