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QuickField Application Programming Interface (API)

QuickField is known as one of the most effective and user-friendly FEA codes. It may also act as a flexible development platform for engineering applications, based on FEA. Any QuickField customer is able not only control QuickField by its graphical user interface, but also develop his own custom-made tiny applets or sophisticated applications interacting with QuickField core. These applications can be written in almost any modern program language, such as Visual Basic, C++, Delphi, or created using packages like MATLAB. QuickField Application Programming interface (API) assures the access to internal objects and functions of QuickField from other Windows® applications and development environments.

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Main goals for programming with QuickField:

  • Repetitive tasks automation.
  • Parameterized geometry definition automation for specific model classes.
  • Specific results calculation automation.
  • Use QuickField field simulation as a part of more complicated task.
  • Use QuickField together with Microsoft Office, MATLAB, AutoCAD and other specific tools for solving particular task in the common development environment.

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New version QuickField 6.4