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Salient pole flux leakage

The minimization of a salient pole flux leakage is one of the problems of DC and synchronous electrical machines design. The part of the pole flux loops through the air and does not reach stator or rotor. That is the leakage flux.

Let's calculate the flux leakage of a salient pole DC motor.

  1. Supply the pole winding with DC current. The winding consists of many conductors. We are not interested in eddy currents or in the induced voltage. Therefore we can replace the winding by single turn.
    See more about this procedure in the winding modelling article.

    salient-pole model

  2. Run the simulation
  3. To measure the pole total flux, simply draw the contour through its body. To measure useful flux that reaches the rotor draw the contour in the air gap along the pole zone.

    salient-pole fluxes

    The flux leakage is the difference between the total and useful flux.

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