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QuickField Analysis for Electric machines design

electric machine, motor, transformer

QuickField Analysis for Electric machines design

Electrical machine design and analysis is important part of QuickField applications. Many industrial companies rely on QuickField in designing of electric motors, generators, transformers, and other similar devices. Leading universities use QuickField as a teaching tool for educating electric machine designers.

Electrical machine design and analysis requires mostly electromagnetic simulations. However, in more detailed studies multiphysical simulations with combined thermal and structural analysis are often required.

During this webinar you will see how to effectively apply various types of QuickField simulations for electrical machines.

  • Watch recorded webinar parts:


    1. Single phase transformer. AC magnetic analysis

    2. Single phase transformer. Thermal analysis

    3. Synchronous motor torque, air gap harmonics

    4. Rotor pole stress

    5. Slot insulation electric stress

    6. AC motor slip

    7. Series analysis with LabelMover

    8. Three phase motor with capacitor
  • Watch online on YouTube:
    Part 1. Transformer. AC magnetics problem. Creating a new problem, importing a *.dxf file, labeling objects, assigning properties. Transformer model parts: winding, insulation, core, surface. Non-linear materials. Permeability, conductivity.
    Part 2. Adding electric circuit. Primary and secondary winding, AC voltage supply, mixed load. Building the mesh, solving the problem, running the simulation, results. Adjusting the field picture. Local values, plots, tables, flux density distribution.
    Part 3.Calculating inductance in a direct way: measuring flux density by contour. Flux leakage. Adjusting the picture.
    Part 4. Heat transfer problem. Temperature distribution in transformer. Properties: thermal conductivity, power losses (to be taken from magnetic problem), convection (case of air cooled transformer). Coupling the problems to analyze complex physical phenomena. Changing design, seeing results (oil cooled transformer).
    Part 5. Synchronous machine. Torque, inductances, cogging. Model and properties, stator, rotor, magnets. Magnetic field distribution in the motor. Results visualization.
    Part 6. Calculating some specific parameters. Torque, inductances. Rotating the rotor, calculating the flux. Contour in the air gap. Analyzing harmonics in flux density distribution. Analyzing cogging.
    Part 7. Mechanical stress in the coil. Specifying properties, calculating. Stress distribution. Adjusting the field picture. Electric problem: core conductor insulation. Potentials in the electric machine.
    Part 8. Asynchronous machine. AC magnetics problem. Rotor, stator. Magnetic field distribution. Torque.
    Part 9. Automation in QuickField. ActiveField API. LabelMover - a utility for parametric analyses types (serial, tolerance, parametric).
  • Download simulation examples:
    transformer with external circuit (magneto-thermal coupling),
    3 legs transformer (nonlinear transient magnetic problem),
    synchronous machine magnetic field,
    synchronous machine electric field,
    stress distribution in salient pole,
    induction motor with capacitor,
    induction motor torque speed curve.

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