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Electrical machines design

QuickField packages that can be applied to the various aspects of electrical machines design:

  • DC magnetics
    Simulation of DC, SRM and synchronous motors and its parts. Calculation of magnetic saturation, magnetic forces, torques.
  • AC magnetics
    Simulation of AC and induction motors: rotating magnetic field, eddy current distribution.
  • Transient magnetics
    Switching on and shutting down analysis. Time-varying magnetic field and currents distribution. Dynamic inductances calculation. Non-sinusoidal currents.
  • Heat transfer (coupled with magnetic problem)
    Temperature distribution, evaluation of local overheating.
  • Stress analysis (coupled with magnetics problem)
    Stress and strain distribution in parts of electrical machines, failure analysis.
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Electric machines simulation with QuickField

Examples of electric machines modeling:
Heating and Cooling of a Slot
SRM (switched reluctance motor)
DC motor with permanent magnets
Squirrel-cage induction motor
Synchronous motor
Complex impedance of the slot
Slot insulation

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    QuickField Analysis for Electric machines design

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