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Skin effects analysis

Alternating magnetic field causes the eddy currents in conductive media. Magnetic field, generated by eddy currents, opposes the source magnetic field, and the resulting field in the conductive media fades close to the surface. This behavior of the field and currents is called skin effect.

The field penetration depth of the skin effect in the conductor can be calculated as d = 2pi * sqrt (2 / omega*mu*gamma)

Electric conductivity γ

Frequency f

Relative magnetic permeability μr

Penetration depth
d = mm.

To calculate the skin effect accurately by Finite Element Analysis software you should build the dense finite-element mesh. However, because no currents are generated deeply inside the conductor, you may save computing time by using non-uniform mesh with high node density in the skin effect area, and much larger elements outside of it. Adding artificial vertices and edges is sometimes helpful for such mesh generation. This picture shows the geometry model prepared for the skin effect analysis:

skin effect model

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