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QuickField Model editor

QuickField's model editor enables you to define your models quickly, easily, and completely. You can import model fragments from AutoCAD or other CAD systems as well. Once you have built your model's geometry, creating the mesh is totally effortless. QuickField Model Editor

You don't even need to choose the mesh size, since the sophisticated technology embedded in the model editor can automatically generate a smooth mesh that is suitable to your model's geometry. You can assign geometrically-based loads and boundary conditions that are totally independent of your model mesh, and they can easily be modified at any time.

Starting from the version 6.0 QuickField model editor allows creation not only 2D models, but also 3D extrusion models. It features a special 3D View mode and provides the methods for presenting and manipulating 3D structures, including rotation, zoom and changing visibility of model parts to see the objects hidden behind.