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QuickField and MATLAB

QuickField and MATLAB

It is often required to perform the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) with MATLAB. Combined use of QuickField with MATLAB is an efficient alternative to the full-scale FEM programming in MATLAB. This approach provides you with rich set of MATLAB features complimented by fast and powerful QuickField FEA engine.

MATLAB is able to serve as COM-client (on Windows platform only) as described in "MATLAB COM Client Support" section of the MATLAB help. No special action required to let MATLAB know about QuickField type library. The only thing you need to do before writing the MATLAB code is switching working directory to the folder where your code is located.

Each MATLAB variable can hold a handle to a COM object. The handle can be obtained by two ways:

  1. A COM object can be directly created by the MATLAB function actxserver;
  2. An object can be obtained as result of invoking a method or property of another object.

QuickField provides only one object that should be created directly: the Application object. Each program using QuickField should create a single Application object as following:

QF = actxserver ('QuickField.Application');

All other QuickField objects are accessible by properties of Application or other objects. E.g. the main window of QuickField can be obtained by the MainWindow property of the Application object:

mainWnd = QF.MainWindow;

You can use MATLAB to work with QuickField Object Model, QuickField command line, Parametric Object Interface and Parametric Command Line.