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Programming with Parametric Object Interface

induction heating, temperature dependent electric resistivity

LabelMover is a parametric analysis utility, allowing using QuickField models for the serial analysis, tolerance analysis or optimization. It also features two types of programming interfaces for interaction with other programs.

Those who are familiar with COM interface and have experience in object oriented programming, may use QLMCall procedure which provides parametric object interface to QuickField models. The same functionality is available for those who prefer running QLMCall as a program started by a corresponding Windows command. In both cases the launching command sets the values for parameters, previously defined using LabelMover graphical user interface - either manually, or using the Parametric Object Interface.

  • Examples on working with Parametric Object Interface:
       Relay dynamics simulation using LibreOffice and Parametric API
       Relay dynamics simulation using Microsoft VBScript and Parametric API

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