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QuickField and Octave

QuickField programming GNU Octave Windows COM API

GNU Octave could be considered as a free alternative to MATLAB. It features compatible file format *.m and implements most of MATLAB functions. As MATLAD do, GNU Octave also supports COM programming interface. You can write programs in GNU Octave interacting with QuickField.

To use GNU Octave with QuickField Object Model and Parametric Object Interface you need to install windows package.

Running Octave code in Windows 8

To use GNU Octave with QuickField command line and Parametric Command Line you can use built-in system() function.

  • Video: Installing GNU Octave on Windows 8
  • Examples on using QuickField and GNU Octave:
    Relay dynamics simulation using Octave and ActiveField (QuickField Object Model)

    PCB design with QuickField