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What's new in QuickField 5.9

What's new in QuickField 5.9

New version QuickField 5.9 is released. It expands functionality by adding the temperature dependency of the electrical conductivity and enabling the magnetic state import from DC to AC magnetic problems.

During this webinar we will present new possibilities, and show how to effectively apply them to variety of applications.

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1. Loudspeaker

2. Saturable reactor

3. Temperature dependent conductivity

4. Heating cable

5. Induction heating

Watch online on YouTube:
Part 1. Overview of QuickField 5.9 new features.
Part 2. Import of DC baised magnetic permeability. Loud speaker and the reactor examples.
Part 3. Temperature dependent electric conductivity in DC conduction problems. Capacitor example.
Part 4. Temperature dependent electric conductivity in Transient magnetic problems. Heating cable example.
Part 5. Temperature dependent electric conductivity in AC magnetic problems. Induction heating example.

Read presentation (in PDF format).

DownloadDownload simulation examples:
Saturable reactor
Cable thermal breakdown voltage
Induction pump

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