A new approach to field modelling
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Power transmission lines simulation with QuickField

Transformers simulation with QuickField

QuickField is widely used for power transmission lines analysis and design. During this webinar we will show how to simulate transmission lines and calculate it parameters (inductance, capacitance).

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1. Parallel wires capacitance

2. Transmission line capacitance

3. Fiber-optic cable on the pole

4. Parallel wires inductance

5. Transmission line transposition

6. Phase-to-phase fault

7. Disc insulator heating

8. Disc insulator mechanical stress

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Read presentation (in PDF format).

Download simulation examples:
pair of parallel wires capacitance
transmission line capacitance
Fiber-optic cable and electric transmission line
Parallel wires inductance
Transmission line transposition
Line-to-line short circuit
Disc insulator