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License types for academic use

Universities and educational organizations have more QuickField licenses and configurations to choose from, than commercial companies. In addition to our regularly priced options, depending on your academic requirements and budget, you may select from 3 types of special academic licenses:

QuickField Student Edition QuickField Lite Edition QuickField Professional Edition
2D mesh size limit 255 nodes about 4000 nodes unlimited
3D mesh size limit 4000 nodes Practical upper limit for the interactive simulation session is about 100 000 nodes. Larger problems may be solved in offline mode.
Cost free Calculate quotation online Calculate quotation online
License term permanent per year per year or permanent
Network licensing availability single-user only License permits unlimited number of concurrent QuickField sessions within a campus Single-user and agreed number of floating network licenses are available
Licensing requirements no restrictions Academic only No restrictions, however, commercial and academic licensing terms are different

All three QuickField Editions - Student, Lite and Professional - share the same user interface, analysis options, documentation and are fully supported by the QuickField Support team.

Budget-minded tutors with ambitious teaching plans may consider their combined use. For example, it may be helpful to have one copy of the Professional Edition for the teacher, a set of Lite Editions installed on campus and also recommend students download the Student Edition on their home computers.

Teachers may request the free evaluation license for QuickField Professional or QuickField lite.

Students who are interested to use QuickField Professional in their research projects may request a short-term non-commercial license in exchange for their examples and presentations.