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Time average integral

Results of the transient problems, solved in QuickField, may be in analyzed in detail using powerful Postprocessors. They allow drawing field maps, lines of equal temperature or potential, vector plots, XY plots, time plots and display of animated pictures and variety of local and integral field parameters. However, it may be required to calculate parameters, not directly implemented in QuickField user interface.

In this case it is possible to extend the set of the calculated field parameters by developing custom programs and scripts which communicate with QuickField core using Application Programming Interface ActiveField.

This script works with QuickField transient analysis problems and automates calculations of the average and RMS values of the integrals over the total process time.

For using this tool you need to solve Transient problem in QuickField, open the results and build the integration contour. Then specify the value code and press the "Calculate" button to run the macro. The script extracts the values of the specified integral on each time step and performs the required calculations for time average and time RMS value display.

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