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AC Magnetic and Heat Transfer Double Coupling iterator

AC magnetics simulation, heat transfer simulation, free tool for QuickField

In AC Magnetic problems the generated heat may affect the material temperatures. Since the electrical conductivity is often varying with temperature, electromagnetic fields become reciprocally dependent on the temperature distribution. To solve such a problem, we need to perform the series of iterations where the Joule losses calculated in AC Magnetic are be imported to Heat Transfer problem, and the resulting temperature distribution are brought back to AC Magnetic simulation and used for electrical conductivities adjustment.

AC Magnetic

-> Joule losses ->

<- Temperature distribution <-

Heat Transfer

This double coupling may be automated using the simple Excel script, which controls the iterations and shows a table and graph of the average temperature achieved at iteration. You may run series of iterations, and then repeat this process if required. As soon as temperature stabilizes - the process is converged, and AC and Heat Transfer problems come to their final results.

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