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Cylindrical fuse operation time

This is an example of the safety fuse simulation, performed with QuickField software.

Problem Type:
Axisymmetric multiphysics problem of DC conduction coupled to transient heat transfer.

Cylindrical fuse Determine fuse operation time at the fault current of 20 A Conductor Glass Sand 16 mm 26 mm 22 mm

Conductor diameter: 0.2 mm;
Rated current I0 = 5 A.
Fault current I = 20 A.
Ambient air temperature T0 = 20 °C;
Conductor melting point T = 240 °C;
Quartz sand thermal conductivity λ = 0.3 W/m-K.

Determine the cylindrical fuse operating time.

Fuse resistance 0.041 Ohm. The temperature will reach conductor melting point 0.5 seconds after the fault.

Cylindrical fuse

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