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MEMS thermal actuator

The MEMS thermal actuator is made of polysilicon.

Problem type:
Plane-parallel multiphysics problem of DC conduction, thermal and stress analyses.

Foil thickness is 1 micron.

mems thermal actuator model

Voltage applied: V+ = 5 V
Electrical resistivity: 2.3*10-5 Ohm*m
Thermal conductivity: 150 W/(m*K)
Thermal expansion coefficient: 2.9*10-6 1/K
Young's modulus: 169 GPa, Poisson's ratio: 0.22.

Calculate the electric current and Joule heat losses distribution, temperature and linear mechanical displacement.

To calculate the electric current and Joule losses distribution the DC conduction problem is simulated. Then the results are used in the thermal analysis study to calculate the temperature distribution. Finally, the stress analysis problem is simulated to calculate the related thermal deformation.


Electric potential distribution
mems thermal actuator voltage

Electric current distribution
mems thermal actuator current

Joule heat losses distribution
mems thermal actuator losses

Temperature distribution
mems thermal actuator temperature

The actuator mechanical displacement is 17 um
mems thermal actuator displacement

* Reference: Marin Hristov Hristov, Tihomir Borisov Takov, Ivelina Nikolaeva Cholakova, Krassimir Hristov Denishev, Vladimir Emilov Grozdanov, Dobromir Georgiev Gaydazhiev, Design and investigation of a thermal actuator, ELECTRONICS 2008, 24-26 September, Sozopol, BULGARIA

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1. DC Conduction simulation
2. Thermal analysis
3. 3D to 2D plane convection simulation
4. Stress analysis

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